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Dreadball Season 3 Book (en anglais)

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More Players, More Teams - More Balls!

Containing rules and background for four teams and three stunning MVPs, the Season 3 book enhances your DreadBall experience even further with new rules and abilities - and that’s before we even mention the Giants: massive new miniatures for use in your normal DreadBall games!

But that’s not all – the DreadBall Season 3 Rulebook also contains rules for a whole new way of playing: DreadBall Ultimate. These rules allow you to play crazy multi-team games with up to 6 players in mad end-of-season matches or beer-and-pretzel pub games.


  • Rule for DreadBall Ultimate and playing multi-team games
  • Rules for playing with Giants
  • New abilities
  • New additions to the DreadBall Rules
  • Stats and background for 5 Giants
  • Stats and background for 4 teams
  • Stats and background for 3 MVPs
  • FAQ and Tactics section
  • Reference Sheets