Lord Longfellow

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Référence 76025
Code barre 875582020018
Taille du socle30
Date de sortie20/09/2017
Nombre de cartes1

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The noble is a fool who would accept this spider’s duel.

To all the wastrel nobles in the Iron Kingdoms, Lord Longfellow is a terrifying specter. With stunning accuracy, this arachnoid gentleman guns down those audacious enough to hold themselves in higher regard than their fellows, serving as a not-so-gentle reminder of one’s place in the world.

Lord Longfellow is a model that hunts other characters. This model works particularly well with The Wanderer (PIP 76005) thanks to Repudiate and other asymmetric movement options. Lord Longfellow also works well with any model that provide assured damage to models, such as Gremlin Swarms (PIP 75053) and more.