Dread Rots

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Peter, Peter, pumpkin-headed, by the wicked sorely dreaded.

Myths and folk legends tell of twisted terrors with pumpkins for heads known as the dread rots. Wielding cruel implements with rusty blades, these creatures single out wicked and exploitative mortals living at the fringes of civilization for punishment. Now they serve their masters in battle, emerging from the loamy soil to reap a bloody harvest upon humanity.

Dread Rots are a strong infantry choice for any Grymkin army. Dread Rots are the corpse collection unit for Grymkin, able to snatch up bodies and pass them off to models that get great use out of them, such as Skin & Moans (PIP 76007) or a Cage Rager (PIP 76009). When coupled with a Death Knell (PIP 76028), Dread Rots are even more difficult to remove and are more able to toss their collected bodies around.