Hollowmen & Lantern Man

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Cowards who flee their posts in war their comrades do betray. Lured by golden lantern light, they die while off astray.

Deserters often follow the alluring glow of a strange lantern as they stumble through the dark—and perish. They rise again as empty husks, stripped of hate and fear. Now they bear rifles and march beneath that lantern in the ranks of the Hollowmen.

The Hollowmen, armed with RNG 10, POW 11 military rifles and Combined Ranged Attack, represent the primary ranged support for the Grymkin. What sets them apart, however, is their powerful recursion ability granted by the Lantern Man command attachment. Thanks to his Granted: Blood-Bound ability, the Hollowmen can replenish their ranks when they destroy an enemy model with an attack. As such, this unit is sure to be one of the core foundations for many Grymkin armies.