Mad Caps

Fiche technique

Référence 76017
Code barre 875582019937
ClassificationUnité de servants d'arme
Taille du socle30 /40
MatièreRésine et métal
Date de sortie20/09/2017
Nombre de cartes1

23,99 € TTC

En savoir plus

Cautious calm has no place here—our drunken revels give us cheer!

Mad caps are particularly volatile imps that congregate around a portable still. These hedonistic grymkin gleefully hurl volatile bottles of flammable moonshine at anyone foolish enough to wander near their raucous merriment. Unfortunates who quaff the liquor from their still are quickly transformed into speedy and unstable cask imps.

Mad Caps are great for creating an area of uncertainty for an opponent. With Cask Imps (PIP 76023) somewhat unpredictable movement, this weapon crew can hunker down and create an area of harassment. They work even more effectively with models such as the Witchwood (PIP 76024) which can cause enemy models to move into inopportune positions.