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Référence 76019
Code barre 875582019951
Taille du socle40
Date de sortie20/09/2017
Nombre de cartes1

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Squeal for us, it sounds so nice. ’Tis your reward for gluttony’s vice!

Living testaments to the dangers of overindulgence, piggybacks serve as a cautionary tale to all who would surrender to the pleasures of the flesh. The hogs chuff gleefully over the tormented moaning of their withered mounts—tortured souls who must forevermore bear their crushing burdens in battle for the Wicked Harvest of the grymkin.

Piggybacks are a great screening unit given their selection of abilities and really shine when coupled with The Twilight Sisters (PIP 76020) and Neighslayers (PIP 76018). Warlocks such as The Dreamer (PIP 76003) and The Heretic (PIP 76004) get great use out of being able to have a resilient, front line unit such as the Piggybacks.