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Référence 76011
Code barre 875582019876
ClassificationWarbeast Légère
Taille du socle40
MatièreRésine et métal
Date de sortie20/09/2017
Nombre de cartes1

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SCREAM and scream and scream again
For you have seen the frightmare’s grin!

Born of the deepest fears of The Child, the frightmare is a mélange of horrors embodying all that is wrong in the world. Staggering onto the battlefield, it disgorges foul bile to punish the enemies of the grymkin, so that even a victory against them is tainted with foulness.

The King of Nothing (PIP 76001) can use Frightmares for their animus, which allows for sight through his clouds and The Dreamer (PIP 76003) can create a strong gunline option with this ranged warbeast.