Skin & Moans

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Référence 76007
Code barre 875582019838
ClassificationWarbeast Lourde
Taille du socle50
Date de sortie26/07/2017
Nombre de cartes1

27,99 € TTC

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A living nightmare of tattered faces that stalks in dark and shadowed places, this charnel figure treads the land with wicked curving blades in hand.

Towering above its victims, Skin & Moans fells mortals with expert slashes, then slices off their faces to stitch them into its own motley skin, where the dead visages continue to moan and groan. These thin, overlapping whispers eerily herald the monster’s approach. 

The Skin & Moans is the frontline heavy warbeast for the Grymkin. Able to both heal itself and increase its own combat capabilities through collecting Corpse Tokens, the Skin & Moans pairs perfectly with the Death Knell (PIP 76027) as well as the upcoming release Dread Rots (PIP 76015).