The Dreamer & Phantasms

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Date de sortie23/08/2017
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A dreamer can dream of beautiful things, but her slumber can also nightmares bring.

Having rejected Menoth’s reality, the Dreamer chose to live within the more pleasing confines of her own dreamworld. Existence itself conforms to her slumbering visions—or is punished for its resistance. Freed from Urcaen with the other Defiers, the Dreamer imposes her phantasmal will upon the mortals of the Iron Kingdoms.

The Dreamer focuses on manipulating the battlefield as well as other models. With the ability to disrupt the flow of the game with spontaneous model and terrain generation, the Dreamer pairs well with models that can take advantage of such disorder, such as Trapperkin (PIP 76021) and Cask Imps (PIP 76023). Additionally, the Dreamer pairs well with Gorehounds (PIP 76010) and their ability to force flank pressure, and with Cager Ragers (PIP 76009) so that her spells can better manipulate the battlefield.