Zevanna Agha,The Fate Keeper

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Référence 76006
Code barre 875582019821
Taille du socle120
MatièreRésine et métal
Date de sortie20/09/2017
Nombre de cartes2

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Strands of fate I twist and weave, and many will be left to grieve.

Having released the godlike Defiers from Urcaen to suit her own ends, Zevanna Agha has many plans in motion. Only time will reveal her true goals, but for now she is content to join in the chaos the grymkin bring. Her hope is that those fated for greatness will be strengthened by the crucible of the Wicked Harvest and that the Defiers will aid in forestalling an otherwise imminent doom.

Zevanna Agha makes great use out of a Cage Rager (PIP 76009) because she loves having arc nodes. Additionally, she enjoys Piggybacks (PIP 76019) for use with Hellhole and Frightmares (PIP 76011) as she can give them rerolls.