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Barnabas, Lord of Blood

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Référence 75074
Code barre 875582022524
ClassificationWarlock Gatorman
Taille du socle30/40
MatièreRésine et métal
Date de sortieJanvier 2018
Nombre de cartes3

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There are few living things that have accomplished as much as Barnabas, Lord of Blood. Having achieved his goal of transfiguration amid gory carnage, Barnabas has risen from death as a god. Wielding the dark magic of his people, augmented by his own defiance of death, the Lord of Blood goes to battle attended by undead skeletal companions called bone shakers. Together they collect bloody sacrifices from the flesh of any who would oppose his growing cult.

Barnabas is a powerful frontline caster, capable of destroying even the most heavily armored enemy targets all by himself. With his signature spell, Execration of Blackest Night, he reduces the attack scores of enemy models making himself and his army quite survivable. His armies commonly include Wrong Eye & Snapjaw (PIP 75019) and the Blackhide Wrastler (PIP 75062).