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Widower's Wood Dead Men Walking

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ClassificationBoite d'extension
Date de sortie21/08/2017

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An ancient cult of necromancers stirs throughout the darker reaches of western Immoren and bids the dead to rise up against the living. From the crumbling subterranean passages of the Undercity to the swamps of the Widower’s Wood, these masters of death work toward unseen ends more nefarious than any might imagine. Only those brave few willing to face their own mortality can have any hope of stopping the sinister plots unfolding in the shadows. Steel yourself and prepare to send wraiths, boneswarms, and other unspeakable horrors back to the grave!

The Dead Men Walking expansion contains six new scenarios that pit players against hosts of undead servants and their fiendish masters. These compelling scenarios can be played on their own or mixed into the larger campaigns of The Undercity and Widower’s Wood.


ATTENTION: Les règles et les éléments contenus dans cette boite de jeu sont en anglais.