Pack de grands plateaux de mouvement 50mm Kings of War

Fiche technique

Référence MGKWM07
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Date de sortie24/07/2017

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The battlefields of Mantica are full of all manner of strange contraptions and lumbering beasts; from the ramshackle chariots of the orcs to the magical Earth Elementals. These plastic movement trays allow you to rank up and move your square-based miniatures, or use the reverse side to permanently mount them on a diorama-style multi-base!

This set contains 4 Hard Plastic Kings of War Movement Trays, suitable for models on 50mmm square bases or 50mm x 100mm bases.

Each tray is Horde size - 150mm x 100mm - and can be broken down for Regiments. The reverse side is textured and is intended to be used as a base for multiple models.

Supplied unpainted.