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NQ Issue 47

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Référence NQ47
Code barre 875582007637
ClassificationNo Quarter
Date de sortieMars 2013

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No Quarter #47 kicks off with the first model previews from the next WARMACHINE expansion, giving you an intriguing sneak peek at things to come. Also in this issue, Guts & Gears explores one of the premier mercenary companies in the Iron Kingdoms, the Steelheads; Gavyn Kyle delivers a dossier on Mercenary warcaster Drake MacBain; and Foundry, Forge & Crucible offers up new mechanika firearms for the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

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Table of contents

• News from the Front4
• New Releases6
• WARMACHINE Model Previews12
• Modeling & Painting: Iron Kingdoms Conversion III18
• Guts & Gears: Steelheads26
• The Gavyn Kyle Files: Drake MacBain38
• Skull Island eXpeditions Interview and Excerpt46
• Monsternomicon & Beyond51
• Foundry, Forge & Crucible: In Rare Form58
• In Battle Forged: Warrior’s Telos64
• Machinations League Season I: Umbra74
• The Convergence Begins78
• Lock & Load GameFest 2013 Events82
• Modeling & Painting Challenge: Mount Up!87
• Terrain Building: Khadoran Monument88
• Player Gallery94