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NQ Issue 49

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Référence NQ49
Code barre 875582007651
ClassificationNo Quarter
Date de sortieJuillet 2013

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No Quarter #49 highlights the expansion of WARMACHINE in bold new directions with previews of the upcoming deck-building card game WARMACHINE High Command and a first look at the the squad-based video game WARMACHINE Tactics. Also in this issue, Guts & Gears examines the twisted world of the blighted Nyss; Forces of Distinction returns with two new theme forces; and Stone & Steel introduces dwarven warcasters and warjacks for theIron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

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Table of contents

• News from the Front4
• New Releases6
• WARMACHINE High Command Preview12
• WARMACHINE Tactics: The New Faces of WARMACHINE16
• Guts & Gears: Blighted Nyss Legionnaires & Swordsmen20
• The Gavyn Kyle Files: Wurmwood, Tree of Fate30
• Modeling & Painting: IK Conversion IV39
• Tournament Triple Threat: Cygnar48
• Forces of Distinction XIII56
• Stone & Steel: Rhulic Warcasters & Warjacks in the RPG62
• Terrain Building: Llaelese Tower72
• In Battle Forged: Walking the Knife80
• Gen Con 2013 Events90
• Player Gallery94
• Modeling & Painting Challenge: Deep Earth96