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NQ Issue 50

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Référence NQ50
Code barre 875582007668
ClassificationNo Quarter
Date de sortieSeptembre 2013

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No Quarter hits a significant milestone with issue #50. To celebrate, we’re offering up articles focused on classic WARMACHINE models and events, including a Gavyn Kyle Files on Coleman Stryker, a Guts & Gears article on the Storm Guard, and an exciting playable scenario recounting the pitched battles at Point Bourne.

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Table of contents

• News from the Front4
• Iron Gauntlet Scoreboard5
• New Releases6
• WARMACHINE: Vengeance Previews12
• Lock & Load GameFest 2013 Recap18
• Into the Storm Excerpt24
• Guts & Gears: Stormguard & Silver Line28
• The Gavyn Kyle Files: Lord General Coleman Stryker38
• Foundry, Forge & Crucible: The Cutting Edge48
• Modeling & Painting: The Butcher’s Block54
• Forces of Distinction XIV58
• Battle Report: Ten-Year Reunion64
• In Battle Forged: Lessons of War84
• Player Gallery94
• Modeling & Painting Challenge: Guns Ablaze96