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Wicked Ways

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Référence 615
Code barre 9781943693597
CouvertureSouple (Soft cover)
Date de sortie28/06/2017

12,99 € TTC

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With the arrival of the grymkin comes an all-new anthology focused on the Strangelight Workshop, supernatural investigators who find themselves confronted by growing forces of evil. The Workshop employs an odd blend of scientists, mercenaries, and occult explorers who seek to understand the unfathomable, to peel back the veil between life and death to commune with spirits haunting places beset by tragedy and madness. But now one team is about to step off the precipice when they learn of a malevolent plot to unravel all they have done and to harvest the souls of all humanity.  

Written by the staff of Privateer Press, Wicked Ways is a series of tales that reveal the dark corners of the Iron Kingdoms where horrors hide. The Strangelight Workshop offers every fan of the Iron Kingdoms a chance to explore that darkness…if they dare.