Trencher Blockhouse

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Date de sortie25/11/2017
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Blockhouses are often built to support Cygnaran trenchworks, providing girded fire bays and supporting fire in the event of an enemy overrun of the front. Able to withstand direct artillery fire from all but the heaviest enemy guns, these blockhouses return fire with salvos from their impressive cannons while acting as mustering points to reinforce embattled trencher platoons.

The Trencher Blockhouse introduces an entirely new model type to WARMACHINE: Structures. These 120 mm-based models are centerpieces of any army, providing devastating firepower and valuable support. The Trencher Blockhouse in particular works well with all trencher units, but especially Trencher Infantry (PIP 31105) and Trencher Commandos (PIP 31064), as it returns destroyed soldiers from these units back to play.