Priest of Nyssor

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Date de sortie14/06/2017
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Through years of spiritual introspection and study, the dedicated priests of Nyssor learn to bend the elements of winter to their will. Reassured that their god Nyssor is safe and well defended, the priests have hastened to Ios to stand against those who would threaten the frozen god. No strangers to combat, these priests now take to the fight, drawing upon their mastery over winter so that they may aid their allies in the Retribution.

 As a master of winter magic, the Priest of Nyssor provides several powerful benefits to his fellow Nyss warriors, including an Elite Cadre, giving all Nyss Immunity: Cold, and a spell that grants Nyss in his command range +1 to attack rolls. This makes the Priest of Nyssor pair exceptionally well with the Ryssovass Defenders (PIP 35077), Aelyth Vyr (PIP 35086), and Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (PIP 41109).