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Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr Clogg

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Référence 37015
Code barre 875582024054
ClassificationWarcaster machine de bataille
Taille du socle30
MatièreMétal et résine

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En savoir plus

A Cygnaran-born mercenary warcaster, Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart has made a career of fighting and has enjoyed every moment along the way. He is never happier than when facing long odds and overwhelming numbers, much to the chagrin of his manservant Mr. Clogg. Gearhart has dragged his assistant across the Iron Kingdoms and into the wild yonder beyond the civilized world on countless hunting expeditions, and now he delights in knocking Khadorans around the battlefield in occupied Llael. Whatever enemies the Crucible Guard faces in the years ahead, the marshal general stands ready to deploy his unusual arsenal against them.