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Arcane Tempest Rifleman

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Date de sortie10/08/2016
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The Arcane Tempest Rifleman is a new Cygnar solo featured in WARMACHINE: Prime.

FEATURES: A strong ranged combat solo, the Arcane Tempest Rifleman boasts a number of excellent abilities including Arcane Precision, which allows him to ignore Stealth. His Marksman ability to choose the column or branch damaged when attacking a warjack or warbeast can be game-changing when used with the Deadly Shot attack type from his magelock rifle.

The Arcane Tempest Rifleman is sure to be extremely popular with Cygnar players thanks to his strong toolbox of abilities and attack options. This model pairs extremely well with warcasters like Lt. Allister Caine (PIP 31065) and Captain Victoria Haley (PIP 31001) as well as with units like the Cygnar Rangers (PIP31046), all of whom can enhance the Arcane Tempest Rifleman’s lethal shots.