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Captain Allison Jakes

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Référence 31122
Code barre 875582018206
Taille du socle30
Date de sortie10/03/2017
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Having survived the rigors of her journeyman tour, Captain Allison Jakes now brings her duelist prowess to strengthen her entire army. Able to amp up both her warjacks and warriors thanks to spells such as Positive Charge and Bullet Dodger, Captain Allison Jakes emphasizes fast hit-and-run tactics with her Field Marshal [Sprint] ability and Powerhouse feat. 

With plenty of abilities that increase the effectiveness of her warjacks, Captain Allison Jakes pairs very well with Cygnar’s heavy-hitting warjacks, such as the Centurion and Hammersmith (PIP 31074), as well as with units like Cygnar’s Sword Knights (PIP 31106), whose Flank [friendly Faction warjack] ability synergizes exceptionally well with both Positive Charge and Powerhouse.

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