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Référence 31123
Code barre 875582019142
ClassificationWarjack Lourd personnage
Taille du socle50
MatièreRésine et métal
Date de sortie08/03/2017
Nombre de cartes1

33,59 € TTC


47,99 € TTC

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Brickhouse, Major Beth Maddox’s indomitable personal warjack, lives up to its name: shrugging off even the heaviest enemy firepower thanks to its Carapace ability, Brickhouse closes swiftly with its enemies, and its Force Lock ability leaves them no chance to escape its power maul and magno fist strikes.

Due to Brickhouse’s Bond [Maddox] ability, the warjack makes a great follow-up purchase for any player who previously picked up the Cygnar Battlegroup Box (PIP 31121). Brickhouse also pairs well with hard-hitting warcasters such as Lord Commander Stryker (PIP 31034), Captain Jeremiah Kraye (PIP 31052), and Captain E. Dominic Darius (PIP 31031).