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Colbie, Leader of the BRI (Variante)

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Référence 41145
Code barre 875582021749
Taille du socle30
Date de sortie22/02/2017
Nombre de cartes1

8,99 € TTC

En savoir plus

This is a new mercenary character solo inspired by the characters from the Skull Island eXpeditions novel Black Dogs.

A skilled ’Jack Marshal, mechanik and fighter, Colbie Sterling can fill a number of important battlefield roles. Her Drive: Reposition [3"] ability gives a warjack under her control the ability to strike and fade, while her Repair [d3+1] ability pairs great with Mechanikally Adept, which allows Colbie to repair non-Faction models as well as Mercenary models.

Due to her Drive: Reposition [3"], Colbie pairs well with ranged warjacks such as the Mule or Rover (PIP 41085) and the Vanguard (PIP 41020).